Another great entry


I am in heaven.

I am going on a holiday, volunteering to help in a drought stricken area -a big change from my job at the sewerage farm.

I am a raindrop, one of many and about to splash down onto a parched river bed. Our squishy plops creating puffs of dust, before being greedily sucked below .

Squeezing through the sand, I laugh as we trickle under reeds, tickling and moisturising their desiccated roots. Merging together forming a sparkling stream, we meander past birds, cows, sheep and kangaroos, all drink gratefully,quenching their thirst. What pretty pink things tongues are.

I hear magpies joyfully carolling.

Gushing forward, tumbling, splashing over rocks, gurgling, flowing faster and faster, soaking downwards, liberating frogs and dormant fish eggs, saturating river beds and overflowing their banks. I am free, clean, clear and filling the air with an earthy fragrance. I am bringing new life, new sounds, fresh scents. Hope.

Gaining momentum, becoming swollen, deeper, more turbulent, more powerful, I rise as a River. Excited, swim deprived humans dive in and frolic, shouting,

Marco, Polo.

Swirling in currents, I converge with other rivers, all gushing seawards. The water tastes salty, becomes more buoyant. I am pummelled, up, over and down, forming a cresting wave. My effervescent foaming bubbles twinkle before exploding. I curl and swirl, dashing for the shore and sadly, the end to my adventure.

What a thrilling, satisfying holiday, not the usual aromas, or flotsam I encounter at work.


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