My Ideal Holiday

Here is another entry, this time in the form of a poem.


My Ideal Holiday

Ideal holiday, here I come,

Oh, the places I’ll see,

And the adventures that I’ll have,

Far from reality.

I’ll trek though steamy jungles,

And sail the seven seas,

Slide down the craters of the moon,

(I’ve heard it’s made of cheese.)

I’ll swim with crocs along the Nile,

And wander the desert sands,

Find a genie in a lamp,

Three wishes, I’d command.

I’ll swing from a pirate’s yardarm,

Cross swords without a care,

Find an ‘X’ to mark the spot,

And lay their treasures bare.

I’ll fly on the back of a dragon,

Chase a monster from its cave,

Float around in Outer Space,

Don’t you



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