This entry conjours up visions of an outback holiday. Imagining my ideal holiday Dawn breaks with the smell of greenery, horses and a campfire being nudged into life. Soon we will have some coffee brewing. This is life. Well, no, but it could be life for a week or two, a horseback holiday I have … [Read more…]

My Ideal Holiday

Here is another entry, this time in the form of a poem.   My Ideal Holiday Ideal holiday, here I come, Oh, the places I’ll see, And the adventures that I’ll have, Far from reality. I’ll trek though steamy jungles, And sail the seven seas, Slide down the craters of the moon, (I’ve heard it’s … [Read more…]

Laid back in Gladstone

If you would like to find out how William McInness enjoyed his time in Gladstone you can follow this link