Poetry slamming

How would you like to win a prize just by writing some poetry? All you have to do is write a poem of 250 words or less and submit it before the end of March.

Here is an example for you sent to us from Lucy


Wide gidgee plains, heavy monsoonal rains

Wrangler shirts worn with denim skirts

Life ruling weather, all pulling together

Years of hot & dry, make tough farmers cry

It’s a two way bet, on arrival of the big wet

Country music pumping, petrol prices jumping

History is told and the beer is cold

Long lonely roads & squashed cane toads

Wide Akubra hats, long welcome mats

Red roos, more booze, outside loos

Huge rump steaks & wished for weather breaks

Cute blue heelers, red dusty 18 wheelers

4 wheel drives & those bloody flies

Gems, miners, wrinkly old timers

Pink squawking galahs in swaying coolabahs

Dry & dusty treks scattered with rusty wrecks

Squeaky whirring fans and old beer cans

Spiky spinifex and old dogs named Rex

Old Holden cars, scratched box guitars

Spiders with redbacks, tourists with backpacks

Wroughted colonial pubs & well patronised RSL clubs

Golden old ballads and bar cold salads

Tall creaking windmills, grassy tufted sloping hills

Cockies spinning yarns & tightly packed hay barns

Ringers go droving, swaggies go roving

Swiping Aussie salutes & decorated cowboy boots

Deep dark billabongs, cheery group sing-alongs

Bull bars on utes, long standing disputes

Red dirt road trips, snap cracking whips

Kids big smiles that keep you going for miles

Graders moving earth by the tonne

And Matilda keeps waltzing on

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