Summer Reading Club

Tully Connor 8 years


The book I really loved is “Dixie O’Day Up, Up and Away” by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy. In this story there are two dogs, Dixie and Percy. They save the parrot, Ariel, from their mean neighbour Lou Ella. She is awful to her pet so the dogs escape with him over to this island. But the cruel lady Lou Ella chases them in her fancy pink car. When she gets to the island she parks illegally and the police arrest her. It is so funny!

Then Dixie and Percy try to take the parrot back to live with them but he flies away to find other parrots and live happily on an island.

I think other children would love to read this book because it is so funny. All the boys had girl’s names and all the girls had boy’s names. I didn’t really like that because it was tricky, but this was my favourite book over Christmas.


Maggie Connor 6 years

My favourite book was “Junie B Jones and the yucky, blucky Fruitcake” by Barbara Park. This is a story about a girl, Junie B Jones, who is very funny. In the morning she wakes up because her baby brother Oliver is screaming. Then her Mum comes in and he stops crying. Junie B goes to school and it is a special day. She likes school and calls her teacher “Mrs”. It is a very funny book.


Jyoti Warrier 5 years

I love the book “Runny Honey” by Jane Clarke best of all for Summer Reading Club. I loved it because the bear got all covered in honey and he just kept licking and licking. He had runny honey on his nose and toes and on the walls. It was on his pants too and then the ants chased him.