Video Tutorials – How To Create Your Own Blog

The videos below take you step-by-step through how to  create your own free, or paid WordPress blog. There are ten videos in all with 1.5hrs of content. We look forward to seeing blogs from Gladstone residents enter the world!


Video A

How to set up a paid WordPress blog with your own domain & hosting



Video B

How to set up a free WordPress blog



Video 1

Breaking down the steps needed to set up your blog



Video 2

How to pick a theme & customise it for your blog



Video 3

How to create a blog post & insert images



Video 4

How to create pages for your blog



Video 5

The ‘Appearance’ tab & how to add sidebars & menus



Video 6

The ‘Settings’ tab



Video 7

The ‘Media’, ‘Comments’, ‘Tools’ & ‘Users’ tabs



Video 8

Plugins & video series completion



Thank you for viewing the Read Around Gladstone Blogging Video Series. Good luck and happy creating!